Friday, June 9, 2006

School Rehab…

This is essentially half of the school. We already had maybe 12 of these “portable” classrooms on campus, but they brought in maybe 24 more classrooms, there are 6 classrooms on each row out here. The building on the left with the ramp is a portable bathroom, one side for boys, one side for girls, it actually connects to the sewer though so it isn’t a “real porta-potty” with aroma problems. Essentially they are doing the school in three phases, the only classes who didn’t have to move are the ones already in the original 12 classrooms out here. We were told we just had to box the stuff and they would move it, They moved Mom, but I had everything boxed and days were going by and they weren’t getting to me, so Thursday, Friday and Saturday I moved myself. Monday the kids will come in and we will have a more or less regular classroom with the normal routines.

So this is the library, they were hardly out of it and already there were guys in there removing the lighting……….

And this is the library now. Well, the books anyway, 13,00-14,00 of them along with everything else. The librarian is teaching in the classroom next door to this, but only has a limited number of books out of storage available. Teacher’s were encouraged to check out a lot of book for the rehab, to cut down on what was in storage.


Hester said:

I’m confused, why did you have to move?

I said:

Rehab……What they do instead of bulldoze the school and rebuild it.
Supposed to be the next-best thing. They leave the walls and roof, but replace about everything else, new electrical, plumbing, lighting, carpet, etc, etc. Takes months, but we get to stay here while they do it.


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