Friday, October 7, 2005


So I have this math game that the kids in my kindergarten class are doing right now. It’s called “Waggles”. Kids play in pairs, each with their own game board. The board has this long worm on it, and numbers 1-6, three times along the body of the worm. There is one die (singular for dice) and they have markers. They each take turns and whatever number they roll, they place a marker on, and they take turns until they cover all of the numbers. First one to cover the board wins. So this little kindergarten girl is shaking her die and getting ready to roll it and she shouts out, “Come on baby!! Momma needs a new pair of shoes!!!”. I mean, where do they GET this stuff?


Nate said:

Maybe next you could teach them to count cards.

I said:

First they have to learn how to count.
Betsy said…
goes to show that kids really are listening…now if they could listen on demand…


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