Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Writing Process in Kindergarten

I have been having my kindergarten class work on the writing process lately. On this one we were focusing on Capitals at the beginning of a sentence and periods at the end. I have given them specific topics on other days but this day I told them they could write about anything they wanted. They understand in their writing that they don’t know how to spell all the words yet and that I am really happy if they can detect all of the sounds in a word an represent them with a letter that makes that actual sound. They had to do the writing before they could do the picture. This kid cracked me up. She had written what you see here, then I told her she could draw her picture. So she started to draw all of the flowers, then realized that flowers outside didn’t represent what she had written. So she changed the last sentence to read, “I will play my computer all day outside”……… We discussed it and she changed it back and added the house with her doing the computer in the window.

This other girl comes up to me and asks, “How do you spell KILL?” Reminding me WHY it might be important for me to pre-select the topic……….. (turns out she was killing ants in her story, but she had me starting a counselor referral.)


Robin said:

That is pretty good writing for a someone in kindergarten. Some of my third graders don’t write that neat and legible plus I could decipher the words. Some of my student’s writing I have to tell them to read it to me and I type it while they are reading and then I will conference with them about their writing. Otherwise it takes to long to figure out what they are saying.

Nate said:

I should dig out the pictures my son did in his writing journal in first grade. First there was the “smushing machine”, smushing the girl that stole his cheese at lunch. Then there was the picture of the Dell building, on fire. . . .

I said:

Yes well, She is one of my brighter stars. But I do have about 1/3 of my class writing good enough for me to read it (generally).


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