Sunday, June 11, 2006

Other fun things about school….

So the the School District appears to be about 100’s of teachers short for next year. They are having a hard time attracting new teachers, mainly because the cost of housing has jumped so high here in the last 4 years or so, (median house is going for something like $340,000.00) Starting teacher pay is something like $33,000.00. One teacher at our school is moving back to her home town to a job with a 3-5 thousand dollar raise, less kids, lower cost of living.
Anyway, they have done a lousy job recruiting, and it’s not just the hard sell, they have no real recruiters, and the volunteers they send out don’t even have good promotional materials.
So they have begun to implement some contingency plans district wide. One of the things they have done is to freeze some positions. Bottom line, we are supposed to lose two kindergarten teachers that we were purchasing with part of our Title I budget, we already had them. So suddenly, instead of having 22-24 kids next year in my kindergarten class, I am looking at about 35. I remember now why I left kindergarten the first time……
Saw the principal while we were walking down the hall the other day, I said, “See that line? Now visualize another 8 kids on the end of it.” I sympathize with him though, he’s dealing with rehab, NCLB, etc. Half the stuff he wanted to do to really make a difference next year got trashed with the shortage. The freezes seem to affect the lower income schools the most, the ones that need the most help to begin with.

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