Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Second Day of Kindergarten

Because of the renovations going on at school, the start of school and the dismissal is a mess. The trenches they dug last week are gone, but so is the grass that used to be there. Today, they watered the dust down and made mud….. so they had the kindergarten and first grade kids meet their teachers in the cafeteria. (of course breakfast was still going on and some buses were late…..) Generally most of my kids behaved much better today. I just don’t remember the first day of school last year. Anyway, more of them were a little more stressed today. They are stressed, tired, hungry, but too stressed to eat strange food and they have discovered that all of that excitement they had for coming to school isn’t panning out the way they expected. I took one of my girls out of science class today (wind, air and bubbles) because she was crying. She wanted her mama. As I talked to her she said, “But I WANTED to come to school!” but now she doesn’t. That’s just sad.

I had one little Hispanic boy who knows NO English who cried for two solid hours this morning, finally I called the office and asked for the principal, vice principal, or behavior specialist to come down. I guess they figured if I couldn’t handle it, they’d better come in force. the Principal AND vice-principal came together. finally after trying to talk to him, the principal had to pick him up and remove him from class. After he left, the rest of the class wanted to know if they were the “POLICE?”

I guess he threw a major tantrum in the office, biting and kicking the principal. After school his mom wanted to ask if his day was better, so I got a translator (another teacher) and when I heard the question, I asked Ms. Torres to ask if she wanted to know about him biting the principal. She was SO embarrassed……….

I can’t wait for tomorrow to be over……


Robin said:

Olivia was really excited her first two days of school. Today she didn’t want to go and she cried today when I left her in line. She didn’t even do that on the first day. It broke my heart to leave her there all sad. The teacher came and talked to me later saying that she was fine. I think she was really tired. I have started packing her a lunch so she can have something to eat when she comes to my class because she is so hungry when she comes.

Also, don’t feel to bad because I talked to her kindergarten teacher on the first day and she had a pretty hard day too, with kids crying and vomiting.

I said:

Yeah, it’s an exhausting adjustment for them. Food helps. I broke out snacks for my kids today awhile before lunch, they each got 6  alphabet graham crackers. They seemed to handle the day better. They laughed every time I said, ” Oh, there’s a broken one, you don’t want that,” and then I would eat it.

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