Thursday, September 1, 2005

Kinder Kapers

Historically, the fire department always comes by the first week of school and does a fire drill. So I have been working on fire drills with the kindergarten class every day. The first time was hilarious (you either laugh or cry). First I had the Spanish speaking teacher down the hall come in and explain the whole process to the kids. Then we practiced. They have to exit the room, and then walk across the playground to the fence. They are like a basket of puppies, rolly polly and everywhere BUT in a straight line. I finally got them into a line, then they came to this painted zig-zaggy line on the asphalt, naturally they had to zig-zag on that line…….. So my class line is suddenly undulating across the playground, I could just PICTURE the firemen watching….. We got past THAT line, then they came to the hop-scotch squares…………


Betsy said:

At least you are getting some mileage out of being a kindergarten teacher again…you’d never get those kind of experiences just being in the computer lab. I hope it gets better.

I said:
It’s all good. I was thinking Friday about just how much more they now knew about the school and school routines, and following directions than they did on Monday. Friday afternoon we were ALL tired of school though. Friday, 3:00 never looked so good.


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