Wednesday, August 24, 2005

First day back at school (without kids)

FUN day today. We borrowed the church griddle (BIG thing on it’s own trailer) and cooked, eggs, pancakes, french toast, sausage and bacon for breakfast for the staff at school. That was me and the other specialists in reading and math. Then just before the start of the staff meeting the Principal called us (me, the reading and math specialists) into his office and told us that he hadn’t been able to fill three positions at our school; a kindergarten, a second grade and a fourth grade position.

Bottom line, it ended up that three of the five of us will be teaching in the regular classroom instead of doing our specialist jobs on Monday morning. So this morning I was a computer specialist with too much to do and not enough time, and now I’m a kindergarten teacher with too much to do and WAY not enough time, and in a very limited capacity, some technology. This will change some things around school BIG time. Hard to say yet how much.

It hasn’t sunk in yet. In 5 days I will have a class of kindergarten kids (mostly spanish, and crying, it was going to be the bilingual class before they didn’t get a teacher………..)

Kristi said…
Oh, doesn’t life keep you on your toes? Wow, you have to get the room ready and everything? Do they have supplies (ie. centers, or do you have to come up with all of that? Are they still planning to hire, or do you think it’ll end up being you the whole year? You will do great! Those kids will love you, and appreciate the kind of teacher you are.

8/25/2005 01:08:00 PM

I said:
I think it will be for the whole year. It gets complicated with the funding issue and job designations. If they change my job discription, then they can’t advertise to fill a position that is already filled….It will be OK, but I’m NOT sure yet what I have and don’t have to work with.

8/25/2005 03:06:00 PM

Kerstin said…
Good Luck with your Kindergarten class. Yikes! i would be beyond stressed if I were in your situation. I know you will do great! Just remember to bring the quacking duck toy 🙂

8/28/2005 12:22:00 AM

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