Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Mountain Language-Kindergarten Chronicles

So in Mountain Math/Language we go over a combination of language and math things on this board everyday, the board stays basically the same for the entire week. Number two here started out as a rabbit minus it’s ears. The kids are supposed to use visual discrimination and background knowledge to tell the teacher what is wrong with the picture. but after a couple of days we start to change the picture. Last night Vickie changed the rabbit to a raccoon holding a carrot. So today we got to number two and this little kid gets real excited and shouts out “I know!! I know!!! It’s Carrot Super Hero!!!!”

Then on number three they do the actions, this other kid goes, “Wiggle, Tap, ACHOOO!”
I gotta tell ya, I’m dying here people, I’m rolling on the floor, with tears in my eyes and the kids are going, “WHAT?”………..


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