Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Kindergarten Firedrill, etc.

OK, the fire dept. was a little late, they came on Tuesday. I was ready though. They always check in at the office and then the office radio’s out to the Principal (if he’s out of the office) and to the custodian to tell them there is going to be a drill. Well, I never gave up my radio, so I heard about the drill before it happened and got my kids all prepped. No worries, they did great.

They really are pretty good kids, but they are still getting the routine down and they sometimes like to test the limits. The other day we were out at recess and when I blew the whistle, 4 of them decided to keep playing. So when we got back to the room, they got to watch everyone else eat the snack. Hey, snacks are for people who follow procedures……..

Then today, I was giving instructions for an activity and two kids were not listening (OK, they weren’t JUST not listening, they were major goofing off), so they got to watch everyone else do the activity. Basically the class is really coming along just fine, I need to tweak my schedule and have some filler activities, it’s the 10 or 15 minute gapes that I need things to do in that are still kind of killing me. They have different abilities and experiences and so they don’t all do things at the same speed. Everything from some who are about ready to read to kids who still think making sqiggly marks and lines is writing.


Nate said:

Sounds like you are having fun with your class. . .
You’ll have to keep posting the little adventures.


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