Friday, April 20, 2007

The Principal and I have a Conversation…

I’m taking the rotten kindergarten class to lunch, (after a week of testing three to six kids at a time- the rest of the class gradually behaving worse and worse, so yes as a matter of fact, they ARE rotten) they were horrible going down the hall. When I got down by the principal’s office with the head of the line, the line was strung out all the way down the hall, and they were talking up a storm. So I stopped and was scowling down the hall at them.

The principal was going into his office and saw me scowling at them and he said to me, “But they are SO cute!” and I replied, “Yeah, and that’s JUST what their first grade teacher is going to be thinking……” So he looked at the class and he said to them, “How many of you LIKE Mr. B?” And they all raised their hands. So he turns and gives me this LOOK.  Then this lady teacher walks up and she heard all of this so she says, “And how many of you think he is GRUMPY?” And they of coarse ALL raised their hands…….

The principal just shook his head and went into his office.


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