Friday, March 2, 2007

Reading Week

The Librarian scheduled this story teller (James Cogan, from Southern Cal.)to come into the school during Reading Week way last fall, when the Multipurpose Room was “supposed” to be finished over Winter Break. Well, Winter Break came and went, January came and went, and February came and went and we STILL aren’t back into the Multipurpose Room. Which created a problem last week for her assemblies. He was contracted to do two assemblies. In the end, they had to do the assemblies in the Library, so the couldn’t fit all of the kids in. so they cut out Kinder and First Grade (them because of the times things were scheduled). Cogan was real nice about it and did a third assembly so that everyone could get in. Here he has Vickie and some of the kids helping out with one of his stories.

Which brings us to this:

James Cogan told the Kindergarten kids a story called “The Little Rooster and the Turkish Sultan” in the story the Sultan tried to kill the Rooster by throwing him down a well, but the Rooster has a Magic belly and he drinks up all of the water, he uses the water to put out a fire, he swallows up a beehive’s worth of bees and then turns them loose on the Sultan, etc.

After the story, I am taking my class to lunch recess (they play before eat) and as these three little girls pass me, they each pat my stomach and say, “Magic Belly, Magic Belly, Magic Belly….”

Sometimes I feel like Carol Burnett in “ANNIE”, “Little Girls, little girls……..”


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