Friday, November 2, 2007

Halloween, the day after…..

So they all showed up at school on Thursday. 100% attendance. I asked, “How many went trick or treating?” Bunch of hands go up. “How many of you brought candy to school?” Some hesitant hands go up. After 10 weeks, they have gotten to know me……..

I said, “OK, keep it in the backpack, big trouble if I catch you eating candy in class. You can take ONE piece to lunch, no more.”

They are sneaky little buggers, SOMEONE ate chocolate, and got it ALL over the carpet, big hand prints of it. Several kids tried to blame one particular girl, but she hotly denied it, and since I didn’t catch her, I had to let it go.

While they were at Art, I got out some cleaner, and cleaned the carpet. When they came back they gathered on the rug and pretty soon they were complaining about the rug being wet.



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