Friday, November 9, 2007

Free at last…

The other day I found a form in my box at school. It was a form for a type of computer access that I already have. I took it to the office and asked the office manager, “What’s this?” She gets this little smug look on her face and says, “Oh, that’s to restrict your access student accounting, you can only access your own class attendance now.” I said, “OK.”

So here’s the deal, remember back at the beginning of the school year I wrote an entry here about this. See, nobody ever SAID anything about it, and why should they have? Nobody told me NOT TO. Good grief, the PARENTS and KIDS knew who the teacher and room where going to be AT LEAST a week, probably more, before school. Why shouldn’t the teachers? Teachers need that list to make up file folders, cubbies, seating charts, etc. But apparently it WAS a big secret. I made someone mad so 11 weeks later, they take SOME of my tech rights away. I have always used this program to help anyone who needed class lists, it reduced the number of people who asked the office for help. As the backup tech at our school I have retained all of the rights to the tech job so that I could fill in when needed.

That ended.

I haven’t really complained. I haven’t talked to any of the office or administrators about this. But they haven’t talked to me either. So I went to the current tech and had him remove ALL of my “rights”. I now cannot do ANY of the job. I don’t have any “rights”. I figure I’ve either got all the “rights” or none. I can’t do the job if I can’t do the job. Wasn’t my decision. Take part of the rights, take ALL of the rights.


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