Friday, September 1, 2006

Where To Sit

The Librarian told me the following story when I went to pick up my kids – We have a Special Ed. Kdg. class that comes in with your class for Preps. They have and Aide that is supposed to help supervise the kids. While I was doing Goldilocks & the Three Bears, I noticed one of the boys sitting on another boy’s head! I told the aide, and she asked the boy on top, “Why are you sitting on his head?” His answer: “It was on the floor!”

My Class is beginning to come together,,,,,

I was minus one kid who bit the principal yesterday, he wasn’t kicked out, in fact they didn’t even call his mother, (I just told her yesterday after school). And the girl who yesterday said, “But I WANTED to come to school,” as she had a meltdown, has now decided that maybe it might be OK.

My class was working with “Unifix” cubes. They each had two sticks of ten, it was “free exploration day” You have to let them get it out of their system before you try to give them actual jobs with the cubes. They get to do anything with the cubes they wanted, just not throw or put them in their mouth. It took them awhile to advance to this. First two girls combined theirs, and then it escalated from there. When it was time to put them away, they had to find ten cubes the same color and make a stick before I’d take them back. That took awhile, but they got some serious counting in and didn’t even know they were working!

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