Friday, September 7, 2007

The End of Week Two in Kindergarten….

I’m now up to 22 kids. I think they are pretty good kids this year. A bunch of them have language issues with limited English. They got through their first fire drill this week and did a good job. We always have one in the first two weeks, so we practiced four or five times before the actual drill. They did good. I got a new student today and I forget that he doesn’t know the routines and rules any better than the rest of the class did on their first couple of days. I have these plastic name tag holders and they all wear name tags, especially when we are out of the room, at lunch or specials. He hadn’t had his on for more than a half hour before he had cut it up with the scissors he wasn’t even supposed to have out…………..

When they misbehave or don’t listen, I send them to timeout for a little while. I tell them that timeout doesn’t start until they are behaving in timeout. I have one boy who is moving around a lot and not listening. I sent him to timeout. After about 10 minutes, I asked him if he thought he could behave and rejoin the group. He looked at me and said, “No.”

I have been telling them that after today, I wasn’t tying anymore shoes for kids, they needed to tie their own. It was almost the end of the day and this little girl comes up to me and said, “Mr. B, do you still know how to tie shoes?”  She was a little concerned.


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