Monday, December 4, 2006

I’ve been helping put the library back together.  We are doing the annual inventory as we put the books back on the shelves.  At the end of the day today, we had inventoried 61% of the library. So it is actually coming together. I’m getting real tired of using that bar code scanner. Over the years, the bar codes have been placed on the backs of the books in different locations. The one we use now and like the best is sideways, at the top back, next to the binding. It’s easiest to inventory that way, you just have to tilt the book out of the shelf a little bit to scan it. Eventually most of the books will have teh bar codes in that location, but it will take years. Right now all new books get bar coded that way (if the company follows directions when they send the books). We generally don’t replace too many old bar codes.


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