Monday, October 2, 2006

Repeating Patterns Cont.

So today, I had a guy in my room (he is a part time kindergarten aide, he’s going to be working with my low kids but hasn’t really started on that yet) watching me teach, I was doing math and I was using the overhead and some transparent colored markers. I put the pattern A B A B A B on the over head and asked a kid if they could come up and make the pattern with the markers. One of my kids did. Then I asked another one to do the same pattern but use different colored markers. We did it with A B B A B B A B B, A B C A B C A B C, A A B C A A B C A A B C and a couple of others, nearly all of my kids got it the first try. The kids amazed the guy. We then did it with me making the pattern and them writing the letters for the pattern, they made more mistakes this way, but still did really good.


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