Monday, September 25, 2006

Repeating Patterns

So we have been working on repeating patterns in class.
Stuff like this:

red blue red blue red blue and 122122122 and star triangle square star triangle square, on their papers these patterns can be represented by shapes, objects, colors etc.

The last few days we have been relating (converting) the patterns to
the ABCs. The first one would translate to ABABAB the second one to ABBABBABB and the third one to ABCABCABC. This conversion is hard for them to see. One of my bright kids had a meltdown with it today, she was so frustrated, it was almost funny except she was so stressed out. (at least she was smart enough to understand that she didn’t understand).

So I was showing them repeating patterns around the room and some of the kids had stripe patterns on their clothes today so I was having some of them stand up and I was showing them the patterns and how they repeated. I them talked about how patterns where everywhere.

One of the kids raised their hand and asked, “EVEN AT WALMART?”

After I got done choking, I said, “Yes, even at Walmart”


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