Phonics – one of the tools I use

This set is by Fountas and Pinnell, I really like it.  Click on the picture for more info.  I have had it for almost a year and only now have realized just how much I like it.  I have started to use it a lot lately in my class for seat work and for homework. It’s clear, and easy to use. One of the great things about it is that it has a lot of letters on file in English and Spanish so that I can communicate better with the parents on what we are doing with phonics. 60 to 70% of my parents prefer communication in Spanish.

One of my favorite activities for the kids to do is to print out a group of pictures from the page generator on the CD and then print a separate page with the labels/names for the pictures.  The kids have to sound out the words, and match them to the pictures, then cut and glue the word onto the picture.  The software allows you to be pretty precise in custom generating the pages.  You are only limited to the pictures in the picture file and there are a lot of those.


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