Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ziplock Bags, and other ways to send stuff home…

Which of course reminds me of a former student.I sent the reading homework home in gallon ziplock bags, but he returned the book without the bag. When asked where the bag was, the kid explained that his Mom had used it to prepare the chicken the night before……………..

Last year I got all spiffy. I bought plastic folders for homework and put one of those pencil holders and a sheet protector in each one. Stuff to stay home went in the pocket in the front, stuff to be returned went in the pocket in the back. Letters and small stuff went in the pencil holder or sheet protector.

They trashed them by mid-year (some looked like they had laid them out in the school parking lot and let the buses drive over them—- for about a month). Trashed, along with the pencil boxes that I bought for their crayons, scissors and pencils. (how DO they make so much noise opening and closing those things?) And why would you think you could stand on a  plastic pencil box? Even if you DO only weigh 45 lbs.
This year, no plastic homework folders, no pencil boxes. Homework can go home in gallon ziplock bags again, which I cleverly included in my list of requested supplies for class, one box of gallon ziplock bags, one container of hand sanitizer (see previous posts on germ warfare) and one or two boxes of kleenex.

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