Saturday, February 23, 2008

Happy Birthday to you….

This mother called two days ago and asked if she could bring cake in for her daughter’s birthday on Friday. I said sure, we could do it the last 30 minutes of class. This little kid has been bugging me about her birthday for DAYS. I kidded her all day about her having her FOURTH birthday. So mom shows up with the cake and is setting up. We sing Happy Birthday, and then Mom tells the kid to take a bite of the cake. Now the cake hasn’t been cut yet, and the little girl doesn’t want to do it. I’m looking at the cake, and I’m looking at the little girl, and I’m looking at the clock, and we are running out of time, so I think to myself , what the heck, and I encouraged her to do what her mom said…… So finally she puts her face down to take a bite and mom calmly pushes her face into the cake.

I’m thinking -Camera.

Apparently, this is a Hispanic tradition. Everyone in the room, said, “OH YES!” Now if I had known about the tradition, I would have had the camera out ready……

Couldn’t happen to a nicer kid. I think it’s a mom’s payback for the previous year. She was totally unconcerned about the kid after pushing her face into the cake. I cleaned her up….eventually. After I put the camera away.


Little Miss Cow Coat.


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