September 15, 2006

Then There’s the Rest of the Week…….

Let’s see, TWO fire drills (one real and one some kid pulled) this week, The firemen where shaking their heads about the condition of the school with the construction going on and they were AMAZED that all of the alarms actually worked…
Jackhammering and cement cutting ten feet from my classroom door most of the morning today.
Wednesday I noticed that one of my boys had a large angry red area on his arm (two to three inches in diameter), it looked like a second degree burn with unpopped blisters, he couldn’t, or wouldn’t tell me what had happened so I sent him to the nurse, turns out to be impetigo (HIGHLY contagious) They sent him home, he’s gone for a week, and the nurse said, “You need to disinfect anything he’s touched…….” Let’s see, that would basically be EVERY THING IN THE ROOM…..
Yesterday the construction foreman, got bit by a dog he was trying to lock up that had wandered onto the school grounds…….. maybe 50 stitches worth.
Today with FIVE minutes notice, they called inclement weather lunch schedule due to wind (wind = dust which affect the large number of kids with asthma and allergies), so the kindergarten kids didn’t get to run any wiggles off. The school grounds are a dust bowl since they have torn up all of the sprinkler system with their digging.
Three 20 year old pines next to the lunch room were dropping all of their GREEN needles because they had cut half the roots digging trenches and the irrigation system is down. So I started watering them after school. The night custodian tried to take a short cut in the dark after I had watered and sank in the mud up to his knees.
And I did baseline testing all week so I could know where the kids are, of course with me testing, the kids aren’t supervised as closely as I would like and they started to try to take advantage of that…..

It was SO NICE to send them home at the end of the day today.

The really GOOD news was that my last years kindergarten class SMOKED the DIBELS test(a reading diagnostic test, Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills). Apparently they REALLY stand out over the other first graders, blowing away the bench marks for beginning first grade.  I know this because the same guy who tested them last year is testing them in first grade.

Goofy Kids

So I have this one kid who can’t sit still, stay on task, stay out of anything in the room, leave other kids alone, focus, etc, etc. I put him in timeout, he falls out of the chair, I take the chair and he puts his shirt over his head or rolls around on the floor. He got playing with my electric pencil sharpener and spilled all of the shaving and lead on the floor. The first day he had scissors, he cut the front of his new shirt. Today we cut again, he wanted to cut and I said, “No, you don’t know how to control your scissors.” A couple of minutes later he had scissors, I asked him where he got them, he said out of his backpack, they weren’t like mine so I believe him……… I now have his scissors, three toy cars, and a couple of other things I’ve collected from him. Of course he keeps asking when he can have them back………

Then there’s this girl, I look over where the kids are gathering on the floor and the she’s doing TM, sitting cross legged  on the floor hands out, eyes closed, lotus position. This is probably the third or fourth time, I might take it up, it seems to help the kid…….

It’s gotten to the point I’m afraid to put the camera down.


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