Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine’s Day in my class

They were almost unbearable today. they brought all this STUFF, valentines, candy (they ended up with more than some of them got for halloween), cookies, cupcakes, etc.

All day, “Is it almost time to go home?” ( they knew the party was at the end of the day), “Is it time for the party?” And every time I turned around, a valentine or SOMETHING was out of a pocket or backpack or some other nook or cranny. Parents kept showing up all day, WITH MORE STUFF. How many cupcakes do they think their kids can eat? The kids were restless, and they were ALL here. I growled, I threatened, I pretended I was mad, (I couldn’t REALLY be mad, I knew they couldn’t help it. They were excited). In the end, I let them eat ONE cupcake (outside)and sent the rest of the junk home with them.

I asked, “Why are you so excited about Valentine’s Day? Do you remember the story, The Barking Mouse?” They weren’t sure why I was asking, but they remembered the story, it’s one of their favorites. I said, “Do you remember what Mama Raton, and Papa Raton were doing AFTER the picnic?” And the kids stopped, and said, “EEEwww!!! They were SMOOOOOOCHING!” I said, “Yes, and that’s what Valentine’s Day is ALL about.” They were all disgusted, then some of them said with a sour lemon expression, “My mom and dad like to do that………”

I changed the subject.


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