Thursday, July 5, 2007

One and a half days

I have one and a half days left with my kindergarten class. They go to school until next Friday, which is a half day, but I’m at a kindergarten conference Monday-Thursday next week. So I can be there for the last day of school.  I have  mixed feelings, it’s always hard to give the kids to someone else. In terms of worrying about who they will get next year, it’s almost like they are MY kids. They moved a teacher from 4th grade down to 1st for next year and I wouldn’t want my kids in that class. But they don’t have enough room on track 5 in first grade for all of the kids from track 5 kindergarten.There are two teachers on each track in 1st grade but they only get 16 kids each. Because of the larger class size in kindergarten, there are more kids on track 1 and 5 than will fit on those tracks in first grade so they have to spread the kids out.

My kids have done REALLY well overall. 14-15 out of 26 of my kids made benchmark in reading, and of those 14-15, 10 of them are in the highest percentile. An additional 6 are almost at benchmark. Whick leaves 5 at the bottom, one is a candidate for special ed, and one will be retained for missing 30 percent of school. Two more are second language issues and the other one is just low.


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