Thursday, June 28, 2007

Microbes and Germs

Remember the kid awhile back that was drinking out of a water bottle that he found on the playground?

So I happen to see a profile of this kid’s face and there is a HUGE something in his cheek. So I tell him to take it out of his mouth. It’s a little wooden block. In fact it’s a little wooden block that I have seen before. In fact it is a little wooden block that I have not only seen before, but that I have recently picked up off the playground. When I picked it up off of the playground, I noticed that it was the wooden handle to a rubber letter stamp and the stamp had fallen off. The letter Y to be precise. And this was clearly the same little block of wood. And I don’t mean the kid.

The same little block of wood that was recently at the bottom of my 30 gallon trash can in the classroom. Under nameless other trash. I mean it was under lots of other stuff. He did NOT see me put it there. He clearly had to be scuba diving in the trash. He’s almost autistic in his preoccupation with small misc. things that he has to touch, pick up, play with. There is ALWAYS something in his hands. If there is a loose thread on his clothes, he will pull the seam out messing with the thread.

And he finds the oddest stuff in the weirdest places.

Yuck………. the trash…….


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