Thursday, March 13, 2008

Some teachers……

Email to the whole school……

Does anyone have a CD player that they do not need? If so may I have it. Students have broken both of the CD players that are in my room and we miss having music.
Thanks XXXXXX, room 20

My wife,who works at my school’s response—– to the whole school…

If your students have broken both of yours, why would I want to lend you mine?

Reply by XXXXXX,

Thanks to everyone who responded to my e-mail with positive (italics added)thoughts but I have another CD player. XXXXXX 🙂

(My wife got numerous side comments in support of her position…. people who THOUGHT the same but were too chicken to say so.) Somebody did point out that she was asking more for a donation than a borrow.

I mean, good grief, ask for a cd player if you need one, but GIVE your class history with CD players as your reason to borrow someone elses!?!


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