Thursday, March 15, 2006

MORE Little Girls…

What is it about the girls bathroom?
One of the girls came out of the bathroom and said this other girl was putting on lipstick. I poke my head inside the door and ask what is going on? sure enough, she has lipstick on her mouth. She actually did a pretty good job of applying it. I asked her who’s it was and the story came out that they had found it in the garbage can in the bathroom. Now that’s just NASTY. So I decided to make her sorry for it. Since the idea of taking it out of the garbage didn’t seem to bother her too much, I told her that another teacher had fished the lipstick out of the toilet and thrown it away (not true).

Ahhhhh!!!!! You should have seen the looks on their faces. A minute later she was over at the sink scrubbing her mouth………

I figured that I had better tell Grandma what REALLY happened. And yes it’s the SAME grandma.

And it’s not JUST the girls..

I’ve got this one little Hispanic boy who hasn’t picked up a word of English all year near as I can tell. He usually just looks at me and smiles and nods when I try to talk to him, then he goes and does whatever. At least he hasn’t bit the Principal anymore since the first time.
They were doing some health screening with my kids the other day and I sent the girls down, then the boys. Girls went OK. About 5 minutes after I sent the boys down, they sent “him” back, he was burping on purpose (he thought it was hilarious) and drove the nurse crazy. So a couple of days later I sent him back with two other boys who had been absent and they couldn’t get anything out of him so they asked me to send him back down this morning. I suggested having someone there who could speak Spanish for him. It seemed to go pretty well, he did OK on the vision part, but failed the hearing portion. So now maybe we have at least a partial explanation of why there hasn’t been much progress……..

The boys do things like, when I say, “Don’t step in the mud”, look right at me and step in the mud. And then when I growl at them, they look like, “Why are you yelling at ME? What Mud?”


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