Thursday, May 3, 2007

Robert Munsch

Robert Munsch has some REALLY funny books out there. Love the stories, think they are hilarious, (Thomas’ Snowsuit, Pigs, The Paper Bag Princess, Something Good, etc) anyway, I have been reading them to my class over the last week or so and I have discovered something. Kindergarteners don’t know funny from bunny. Some bathroom humor they get (as in, “ewwweeee! who farted?” or the old hand in the armpit thingy) but anything else? Forget it.

So I’m reading “I Have To Go!” to them, which IS bathroom humor. And they didn’t get it. Basically, the kid refuses to go to the bathroom, you know, before the long car ride, going out in his snowsuit, going to bed, etc, etc. But ALWAYS has to go right after they get to the most inconvenient times. They  use the word pee, as in, “ANDREW! DO YOU HAVE TO GO PEE?” (and no, I wasn’t brave enough to actually use the word, I kept having these images of parents calling the principal, and the principal calling me…..) I just dropped the word, as in, “ANDREW, DO YOU HAVE TO GO?” or “ANDREW DO YOU HAVE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM?” Nobody laughed through the whole story.



When the story was over, I had to take THEM ALL to the bathroom……….


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