Thursday, November 8, 2007

It’s the end of the grading period…

I have spent DAYS doing one on one assessments on my kinder kids to find out what they have learned. In kindergarten here, report cards are more – what do they know rather than grades on assignments. Do they know the uppercase letters, the lower case, the sounds, can they write the letters? Can they count to 20, recognise numbers to 10 and write numbers to 10? Some surprises. Kids that “appeared” to know more than they do and some that know more than I thought they did.

Then there is the “interim” tests, given three times a year. Last year I tested 3 kids at a time and the rest of the kids did seat work.I decided with all of this that instead of dragging it out over a week or two, to do it fast, and get back to our regular instructional day as soon as possible. The extended disruption of dragging it out off sets any small gains I might get by testing in smaller groups. They just can’t handle the lack of supervision, while I’m tied up testing. So we tested whole group today and got all of the Language Arts portion done, I’ll do math tomorrow, then just a little time to make up absent kids and any missed or messed up pages. The scores won’t be quite as good, but the routine won’t be messed up too bad either.

On another note, I’m taking the kids down the hall to dismiss them and as I approach, this mother is looking at her daughter and just starts to LAUGH, she had dressed her all up pretty in a dress and white tights. The tights where now a dirty brown with holes in the knees. She sputters, “What happened?” I said, “Two things, PE and recess.”


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