Thursday, September 13, 2007

I make them wash their hands, really I do….

It’s a new school year and I have a bunch of new kids. So the whole sanitation thing is a wash and we are starting from scratch. We have talked about it, we have demonstrated, we have lots of soap, hand sanitizer, paper towels, etc. We have talked about how to sneeze and cough to reduce exposure and we have talked about where to puke (in the garbage).

It doesn’t do any good.

(part of this is really out of their control, it is a simple fact of going from a limited exposure atmosphere at home to a school setting with lots of kids and “new” germs)

The first week, I had almost 100% attendance, and it’s gone down hill from there. I have 23 confirmed kids in my class. Today, I had 7 kids out sick. Roughly a third of my class.


I got this really cool math idea from the  kindergarten conference this past summer. You take a pipe cleaner and some beads, thread the beads onto the pipe cleaner and make a bracelet.  I tried it with 5 beads today. Everyone counted out 5 beads (well, everyone who COULD counted out 5 beads). Unfortunately I have this small cadre of children who can’t count to 5 (and what is REALLY funny is that it’s pretty much the SAME little group of kids who don’t know any letters). Anyway, I digress.

With the 5 beads on the bracelet, they can then do all of the math facts for the number 5 (again, assuming they can count to 5) just by sliding the beads around. Take 1 away, how many are left? Take 3? Ect.


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