Thursday, September 27, 2007

My room is next door to the Girl’s Bathroom……Right next door….

Today we were getting ready to dismiss. They had their backpacks on, chairs stacked and we were talking about homework being due tomorrow and this one girl starts to squirm and says, “Mr. B, I’ve got to go to the bathroom…….it’s an emergency!” I look over at the dark spot on the carpet from last week and I say, “Go!”

Immediately 5 other kids ALL decide they have to go too. Naturally.

Since the bell was going to ring in about 3 minutes, I said, “Nope, save it for your Mom and Dad.”

We line up and go out the door, but not down the hall. She’s not back from the bathroom yet. The bell rings.  The kids want to know why we are waiting. I said, “She’s not back yet.”

Then we hear a very distinct “Whoosh!” The kids said, “She’s done now.”


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