Tuesday, February 19, 2008


My feet bother me a lot. I bought some new shoes over the weekend. We are going to London in March and I didn’t want to try wearing my sandals (the only really comfortable shoes I’ve got)over there. I’ve been there in March. More than one March in fact. Sandals would not be good.

I’m wearing them today to kind of break them in and give my feet a chance to get used to them. The kids noticed right away. “Mr. B, where are your half-shoes?” “Half-shoes? Oh, you mean my sandals?” “Yeah, you know, you said your boots made your feet hurt.” “Well, I bought some new ones that shouldn’t hurt my feet.” “Did they cost a lot?” I said, “Yes, they weren’t cheap. That’s why I work, to pay for things.”

This one kid gets a stunned look of disbelief, “You’ve got a JOB?”


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