Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Whiny Pukes

(to quote Dr. Jones) All they seem to want to do it tattle tale on each other. The biggest girl in my class today said, “Mr. B, Mr. B, Mr. B, _________ wants to pull my finger.”

We’re busting up and rolling on the floor and Mr. D. says to me, ” Don’t say it….I KNOW what you are thinking….”

I sent another kid to the office. Mr. D. took him down, The office manager said, “I’ll take care of it.” But she ended up going home early, so the other lady in the office calls down to the room and says she’s sending him back. I said, “Why?” She paused, then asked, “Well, what did he do?” I said it was just an accumulation of everything he had done all day. To impress upon her just how tired of the child I was, I told her that it was either send him to the office or I was going to HURT him. She paused, then said, “I’ll keep him another 10 minutes……”


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