Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The 10:00 PM News

It’s always disconcerting to see your students or former students in the news….  Two of my former students were on the news tonight, brothers, one year apart. First and Second graders this year. They didn’t come back to our school this year, they went to a magnet school I think. Anyway, apparently they had after school tutoring, and decided to skip out. They walked to a nearby mall, took them about twenty minutes to get there from the school. They were just chill’n, until some security guards stopped them. Their mom thinks it’s the school’s fault. Heck, she’s their mother, deep down inside, she knows better than that, it’s not the school’s fault. I know better than that, and I’m not their mother, I only had the two little darlings in kindergarten.  The thing is, I really train all of my students on what to do if your class or teacher isn’t where they think they should be.  It’s real simple, GO TO THE OFFICE.  They CHOSE to leave the school grounds.

It was nice to see them again.


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