Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Who’s the boss here……………no, really..

First off, it’s not really a question. At least I know the answer. But apparently to this one little kid in my class, it’s still open for debate. He interrupts constantly. Does the ALL BOY thing with the sound affects and such. He really hasn’t grasped that whole indoor voice, outdoor voice thing.

He doesn’t like to do seat work. which doesn’t take the WHOLE morning but does take SOME of the morning. Well, it doesn’t normally take the whole morning for the rest of the class. Yesterday they had one paper where they had to put six letters on one side, the beginning letters for each picture. and then the other side had a bunch of upper and lower case S,T and R’s to practice. It’s not like there were a million of them or anything, they were in 128 size font. In two and a half hours he managed to get THREE letters traced. And I bugged him repeatedly. So, he got no computers, no recess and finally got sent to the office.

At the end of the day, when mom picked him up, I told her that he had been sent to the office. She took him away, and pretty soon came back with dad. I explained to dad the situation and he looked at the kid and said, “OK, that won’t happen again.” Funny, little guy didn’t look so smug anymore………………..

Heres the thing, he’s smart, but he’s only going to do what he decides he’s going to do.  I believe in trying to make it fun and interesting, but I’m not into the level of entertainment that he wants.


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