Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Back to School

Today, we started the three days of Teacher meetings leading up to the beginning of school next week. It’s funny, parents at other schools in our district, (just like ours) have had their class and track assignments for about 4 weeks now. I guess they sent letters out to all of the pre-registered kids AT OUR SCHOOL letting THEM know. But they have yet to give the teachers a list of their kids.

I happen to have computer access to the program that has all of that information in it. So Monday, I printed out my own list. I happened to have it in my hand when I was in the office later in the day, and the office manager noticed and said, “WHERE did you get that?” Like it was a big secret or something. I replied, “Off of the computer…”. She paused, and then said, “Oh”.  I think that there are too many people at our school who think that knowledge is power……….. and apparently having that power is more important than sharing it. I made class lists for all of the kindergarten and first grade teachers (I mainly wanted to see where my previous year students ended up). But, since I had printed them, I shared them.

We were in three different groups getting training today, two grade levels to a group. One of the specialists came in and was helping the trainer a bit and happened to mention something that the whole staff hadn’t been told yet, so then she was worried that she would get in trouble for leaking it early, and everyone else was going, “GREAT!, one more thing happening that we haven’t been told about!”


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