Wednesday, Februrary 7, 2007

“Mr. B.  I made a picture of you and Mrs. B…..”

So while I’m testing kids, I told the rest of them they could draw pictures, and I gave them some paper. One little girl drew this one. It’s Mr and Mrs Brunner. Mr Brunner has red cheeks because he is nervous around Mrs. Brunner………………

Sore Feet

My feet have been hurting a lot lately. It was particularly bad this afternoon when I had to stand pretty much non-stop for two hours while I administered a test to 4 kids at a time in my class. I made the comment that my feet hurt, and one little girl said, “Oh. Poooor Baby…”
And when this other little girl saw the look on my face, she said, ” Well, that’s what YOU tell us…..”

So I was telling the English Language Specialist this little story and she started to laugh. She was testing my kids on this day. She said, “So THAT’S why they asked me if my feet hurt!”


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