Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cold, Cold, (for us) Cold…

Now that’s mainly because when it DOES get cold, nobody dresses for it. So it was a bitter cold day today at school with the wind blowing down from the north. At 10:15 it was 39 degrees with a wind chill factor well below freezing. I made the kids put on their coats AND button/zip up everytime they left the room. At the end of the day I was making them zip up and helped several kids. This one girl had a coat that wasn’t zipped. I said. “Why isn’t your coat zipped?” She said it didn’t have a zipper and the buttons were gone. I had her come over so I could look at it and I said, “What kind of coat IS this?” She looked at me and said, (Like I was an idiot or something), “It’s a COW coat.”


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