Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Idiotic Tests

This test is to provide data for the first grade teachers as the kids come into their class at the beginning of the year. Most of the math test was OK, but the last two pages were INSANE. So I’m going to give you an example.

This is what I read to the kids:
“For the last five questions on the test, you will be using the pictograph on page 4. Once you find your answer, you will mark it using the answer circles on page 5. (Now this is ALREADY a problem, this is not kindergarten thinking here, multiple pages, multi-step directions….) Does everyone see where the pictograph and answer circles are? (make sure everyone is on page 4 and 5 you betcha ).

The pictograph-
Ms. Hill’s students voted for their favorite games. The pictograph shows how they voted. Each game is marked with a letter. Put your finger on the letter A that marks the game of Hide and Seek. The other games are marked with the letters B, C, and D. You will use those letters to answer the next two questions. uh huh

  • Look at the pictograph. Put your finger on the letter that marks the game that Ms. Hill’s students voted for the LEAST. Mark your answer by filling in the circle under the letter in the row marked 16 on page 5. (multi step ORAL directs that involve a pictograph IN A FORM THEY HAVE NEVER SEEN involving multiple letters and numbers and spread over two pages)
  • Look at the pictograph. etc for MOST.
  • Look at the pictograph etc for how many voted for hopscotch?
  • Look at the pictograph. How many of Ms. Hill’s students voted for jump rope (3) and kickball (4) as their favorite game? Fill in the circle under that numeral in the row marked 19 on page 5. (what almost every kid did here was mark the 3 on number 19 and the 4 on number 20. I had to get them to erase their choice on number 20 and then they marked BOTH the 3 and the 4 on number 19) I had to TELL them that it was addition. Then most of them got the number 7)

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