Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Learning to Read…

My kindergarten kids are doing so well. Most of them know all of their letters and sounds and are getting good at sounding out words. Some are better than others at it. It’s really funny. Some of them can sound out every letter in isolation, but have trouble blending them together. We are doing a lot of seat work that makes them do this. One page is pictures and then another page of words. They have to cut out the words and glue them on the correct picture.

This one little girl comes up to me for help yesterday and the word she had was MAN. I said, “Sound it out.” She goes, ” m………a……….n……” All of the correct sounds. I said, “OK, What’s the word?” She says, “MAP?”

They are seriously killing me.

Blending is a separate skill and she’s not there yet. But it still drives me crazy.


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