Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Germoligy 101 or How to Die Before You are Six

Yesterday, during our morning bathroom break, I had the kids do their usual two laps around the perimeter of the playground. I happened to notice that this one boy stopped on the far side of the playground and did something before finishing his first lap. So when he came around I asked him what he was doing. Turned out that he found someone’s water bottle over there and took a drink out of it. NATURALLY he was oblivious as to why I got upset….

Today, I found this one kindergartener from another class by the bathroom wearing a blue rubber glove that he he had filled with water. I took it away from him. But then asked him where he got the glove. Turns out he had taken it out of the trash can in the boy’s bathroom. Now first you have to ask yourself, who would use a rubber glove in the boy’s bathroom? And then you have to ask yourself, what would they use the glove for? The options are just too gross to think about. But he fished it out and was wearing it, having a GREAT TIME.
Maybe I’ll move up to first or second grade, natural selection should take care of a few of these guys by then.


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