Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Career Day

Today was career day. We had the  weather guy from one of the TV stations visit, a juvenile probation officer (he was actually really good), and a pediatric nurse. The pediatric nurse did a great job of teaching my children how to tell someone they are a poop head in sign language. (wonderful, just wonderful)

I have 6 boys who want to be policemen, two who want to be firemen, the rest of the boys want to be Spiderman (one boy did say he wanted to be a “BLACK” spiderman…. since he is African American that could work out for him…..). The girls want to be either princesses, SUPER models (not just regular models, but SUPER models) or the one who wanted to be Batman’s girl friend. We asked her if she meant Batgirl and she said, “No, I want to be Batman’s girl.” But I think she really means Batgirl, because she drew a really good picture of herself in a bat costume.


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