Wednesday, November 8, 2006

We Did The Letter Hh This Morning In Class…

And that would be because it was the morning from H E double toothpicks.

About a half hour into our literacy morning, with all the children gathered around on the carpet, one of the kids jumped up and said, “Mr. B, I’m going to throw up.” Then proceeded to spew all over the floor (carpet) and one of the other kids. Now, I don’t have a good working relationship with upchuck………. I sent the girl to the nurse, called the office for a biohazard cleanup, and tried to clean the other kid up. Then I just about contributed to the mess when I tried to sprinkle the absorbent material (like kitty litter) on it and I got a good wiff……….

Forty-five minutes later, when the custodian hadn’t shown up yet, I found out that, “Well, the custodian is off campus right now….” Nobody bothered to tell me. In the mean time, TWO not one, but TWO kids managed to WALK through the mess that was STILL on the floor and track it around. I mean, they have been in the room the WHOLE time, they SAW, HEARD and SMELLED the original event, they SAW me put the absorbent stuff on the mess. Later the people next door, (including the asst. principal) wanted to know why I was YELLING!!!!!!!

We have rehearsed this, I have TOLD them and TOLD them that when they think they are going to throw up, to go to the garbage can. They do NOT need permission.

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