Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It seems like all of my stories are about kindergarten kids and the bathroom….

Sanitation. I have REALLY worked hard this year to get them to wash their hands when they use the bathroom, or blow their noses or any other disgusting thing. Some of them have turned in to real water babies. I’m having to kick them out of the sink area now. They are over at the sink in groups having a great old time.

For weeks, the girl’s bathroom soap dispenser wasn’t working. I would take out a dispenser and give them all a squirt of soap, then they would go back in and wash. They fixed it yesterday. After music they were getting drinks and going to the bathroom and these 5 girls weren’t coming out of the girl’s bathroom and I could hear them having fun, fun, fun. Finally I stuck my head in the door and yelled at them. One girl had soap suds up to her armpits. There is no way she only did one squirt of the soap. So I growled at her. Five minutes later she is STILL not back. So I go back and stick my head back in there and she’s got soap suds up to her armpits again. I said, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!!! Get that soap rinsed off and get out of there RIGHT NOW.” She said, “SHE made me do it……” That went down REAL well……. So they got the “If she told you to stand in the street in front of a bus would you do it?” lecture. Her eyes are glazing over and she’s going, “Huh?” So I stuck her and her sidekick in timeout as soon as they crossed the threshold into the room.

And I have this other kindergarten teacher (from the other side of the building) come around (with her whole class) to tell me that one of my boys was running around in the boys bathroom naked. Now my mind immediately flashes to the one kid in my class who I KNOW drops it all to the floor when he uses the stand up urinal. So I call all of the boys out of the room and I ask, “OK, who’s running around in the boys bathroom with their pants off?” Eight hands point at this one kid, who is busy pointing at one other kid. “Nuh uh, it wasn’t ME!’ he said………

So after school, I’m talking to this other teacher, and I said, “You know, someone should REALLY show your son how to use the urinal without taking his pants off……….” She gets all embarrassed and says, “I think that’s a conversation for his father…..” And I said, “Well it’s sure not a conversation for his TEACHER.”


OK, so maybe ALL the stories aren’t about the bathroom.

I really like all of my kids this year, but I DO have some funny ones. Yesterday as I was picking them up on the playground at the beginning of the day, this one little girl comes up and shows me the palms of her hands and they are bright red. I thought she had gotten hurt or something. But she said it was paint. Then I noticed that she also had it on her neck. And when I pointed this out to her, she proceeded to lift her shirt and show us her nice RED stomach. It looks more like a stain, than paint, so we ask her, “What kind of paint IS that?”

She looks at us like we are idiots and says, “RED.”

And that’s all we got out of her.


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