Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Every morning we run, that is to say THEY run…..

Every morning when we take our bathroom break, I have them run some on the playground. This goes over better for some than others…. and the ones who don’t want to, have a variety of excuses they try.  “Mr. B, I can’t run, I have barrettes in my hair…….”


Now to be truthful, I could almost sympathize, she did have a LOT of them, all the way around, and  they bounced.

The hidden Allure of the Boy’s Bathroom…

After Recess yesterday, this one girl went into the boy’s bathroom. I happened to be right there so I got her out. I’m never sure WHAT this one understands or doesn’t understand.  She is pretty clueless in English or Spanish. When she talks, it’s either English, Spanish or baby talk, Most people can’t understand her.  So I got these three older girls, maybe third grade, and asked them to tell her to stay out of the boy’s bathroom. They turned to her and said, “Stay out of the boy’s bathroom.” I explained to them that I could have done THAT. I wanted them to tell her in SPANISH. Oh.

So they then told her in Spanish, then they looked at me and said, “Does she UNDERSTAND Spanish?” I said, “Who knows?”


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