Wednesday, September 20, 2006

It just keeps getting better

So a couple of things,
We did not make “Adequate Yearly Progress” on our No Child Left Behind. We made HUGE progress last year, just not enough (in ONE area). Since this is our third of fourth year, The State is beginning to get involved. There is an outside committee that is making changes at our school. One of the changes is that beginning in three weeks, we will have to test every three weeks.

This from our principal, “Assessment items will follow the Block Plans that were provided to you at the beginning of the school year. If you need a copy, please see The literacy or math specialists. The assessment will be ready for you on the morning they are to be administered. You will be provided all materials including answer sheets and a key for you to use when scoring the assessments. Be sure you have a sufficient number of pencils. For these assessments, you are NOT providing accommodations of any kind. These assessments are to be utilized to drive your instruction and track the progress of your students, especially those who are approaching proficiency. Upon completion and scoring of the assessments, you will be given a form to complete showing the number of students who have met proficiency.”
So not only do we have to give the test every three weeks, but we have to score them and and then fill out the form.

We are also starting a program this year called inclusive schools, which means that special ed students won’t go to the resource room for help but will remain in the classroom, with help coming into the room from the special ed team (and just about EVERY staff member who is not a regular classroom has been drafted onto that team, so apparently we will lose the one kindergarten aide we had, and the math and literacy specialists have been put on the team). The program is supposed to be good for the kids, but it is a three year transition and training period, and nobody seems to know how and what to do right now. And currently the kids seem to not be getting much if any help from the specialists because they are in a lot of meetings and training. And the system isn’t in place yet to deal with the problem kids we have in our classes who haven’t yet been identified as needing services.

And the third thing, the district had “count day” last week and our school is under the projected enrollment by about 50-60 kids, so they told us this morning that we were losing a kindergarten teacher and a second grade teacher. That means that I’ll be getting more kids above and beyond the 22 that I currently have.


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