Every day I’m responsible for the health, safety and welfare of 23 kids and the parents do something like this……

Sometimes parents amaze me. Why would you send a 5 year old (well, maybe 6 at this point in the year, but still….) to school and have her verbally tell the teacher that suddenly, after two months of NOT taking the bus, (as in never, since she transferred in) that today, she is supposed to take the bus. I asked her if she had a note from her mom, she said, “No.” So I told her that without something from mom, as far as I was concerned, she wasn’t taking the bus, end of story.

Only it wasn’t of course…….

This happened on the playground before school and with one thing and another I put it out of my mind.

Later in the morning some of the kids let me know that one little girl was crying, but she wouldn’t tell me why. I got my digital thermometer out and took her temperature, 98.6. I sent her back to work. A while later she was crying again. Remember, the morning episode was clear out of my mind. She wouldn’t talk to me, but finally she told one of the other kids that she was crying about the bus thing. She was worried about how she’s going to get home and how I wasn’t going to let her do what her mom clearly told her to do.

Good grief.

I called the front office, they called the mom and then transportation (who mom was supposed to have registered with but hadn’t), and then the mom again, and finally we got it all cleared up and she got to ride the bus. But why would you DO that to your child? As the teacher, I can’t take the word of a 5-6 year old on ANYTHING like this. What are they thinking?


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