Not everyone likes being around 5 year olds……….

It’s been windy around here for the last few days and every time it gets windy, the kids get goofy. They have been driving me nuts. They had 50 minutes of music today, and when I went to pick them up, the music teacher was just bringing them out of the music room and when he saw me, he just shook his head and said to me in passing, “You’re going straight to heaven….”

Admittedly, he never has been very thrilled with having to teach the kindergarten kids, but they like him……

I think it’s funny how many teachers I know who run the opposite way when you talk about teaching kindergarten.


4 thoughts on “Not everyone likes being around 5 year olds……….

  1. Sometimes, I shake my head and wonder the same about my own kids. But then nighttime comes and all the bad things they did that day are erased when you see them at night. Come morning, they are all great again.

    Honestly, do you ever wonder the same thing? Why did you choose Kindergarten?

  2. Yeah, except I don’t get to see the little darlings asleep…

    I fell into kindergarten, that was what I was originally hired for back at the beginning. At the time, they told us to accept ANY and the FIRST thing they offered you. It was a rough adjustment, but I did it for 3 more years. At the time, there were 30 kids in the morning and another 30 or so in the afternoon and after awhile I got kind of burned out.

    When I came back the situation was better, it’s full day kindergarten and smaller class size. I don’t know, I’m just facinated by watching and helping them learn.

  3. When people ask me why I teach kindergarten I tell them it’s because I think it’s the most important grade. I think there is research that shows that the impact of the earliest teachers is greater (though less remembered) than teachers farther down the educational line. Our influence on students is inversely proportional to our status with adults.

  4. One of the first couple of years teaching kindergarten, I had a parent show up one day unannounced, with a visitors pass from the office. She came in with attitude, and I could tell that she probably thought she was going to “get the goods” on me some how. I always tell the parents that they are more than welcome in my room, but if they show up too much, I’ll put them to work….

    She was there about 45 minutes, just observing, as she got up to leave, she said on her way out, “I don’t know HOW you do it…..” I never heard a peep out of her after that.

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