Literacy Night

In our district, part of our contract requires us to spend three evenings a year at school. One is usually parent conferences, and there’s math night and literacy night. Tonight was literacy night. We had an hour or so before the parents showed up and as I was walking towards my room from the cafeteria, I meet one of our former students who was in high school now. He asked if there was a phone around that he could use, so I took him to one.

As we walked he asked me if I was still teaching computers. I said, “No, I have been teaching kindergarten for the last 2 and a half years.” He stopped walking and looked at me in disbelief, “But you are so MEAN…….”

I laughed. I told him that I thought the kindergarten kids had me figured out better than the older kids did when he had me in computers. His next question was, “Do you LIKE teaching kindergarten?” I told him that I loved it, that it was really fun to teach kids that were excited about learning and coming to school.

Funny how for most kids that changes. Why can’t we keep them excited about school and learning?

I talked with one of my kid’s parent tonight, and she commented that the daughter in my class was reading better than her daughter in first grade.

Today I finished assessing my kids with DIBELS. They are doing very well. 70% of my kids meet the benchmark goals for the end of the year and all of the rest of them but two are only a few points off. We still have 40 days of school left so all but the two should make the benchmark goals. One of the two is probably going into special ed and the other one is limited English, but has recently been showing some progress. I am really happy with their progress overall.


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