Voyager – Ticket to Read

I have some very high kids in my kindergarten class this year. While we have done a LOT of language arts, reading skills work, we have not done a lot of actual reading in reading groups this year. Since I’m working with the lower kids with interventions to try to get them caught up, I have wanted to find something for the high kids to do. One of the things I looked at was Ticket to Read from Voyager. We do Voyager in all grade levels at our school and a lot of kids are excited about Ticket to Read. In looking at it though, the kids are placed in the program based on their Reading Connected Text/Oral Reading Fluency scores and those are Dibels Tests that they don’t get until they are in First Grade. However, there is a way to go into the management part of the program and manually set their levels.

Yesterday, I took my highest student into the program and walked him through the first reading activity and he can do it. He’s exceptionally high for my class though, so I wasn’t sure if anyone else could do it. Today I took the next two highest kids and tried them as well and they can do it. That means that the three of them are reading at a level somewhere in the middle of first grade or higher. In the afternoon I tried the next three kids with high scores and it was a little too hard for them. But I’m happy that the first three can do something that is a little more challenging and structured.


2 thoughts on “Voyager – Ticket to Read

  1. I would love to Email this to Cathy Fulling the Director of Special Education in Zionsville, IN. but I couldn’t figure out how to do that. Can you help me with this?

    • When you are on the page, look up at the address in your browser, that is the exact adddress of the page, you can cut and paste it into an email.

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